The Answers You Need

How do I book a shoot?

A shoot is classed as booked once your deposit has been paid. Once you have come to a decision of what service you would like to book, you can email me or Direct Message me on the official @Parosaroid account on Instagram to discuss shoot details. An overview document will be sent to you via email, which includes the bank details in which your deposit must be sent to in order to confirm your booking.

I want to book a shoot with you, but I am outside of London; do you travel?

This is no issue at all! In fact, my favourite shoots are ones where I have to travel to a different city or country! Please be aware that travel expenses must be covered though, which is never an issue because it is usually covered by your deposit! Let's not let distance get in between us!

Can I bring a friend along to my shoot?

Friends are welcome to accompany you at your shoots if that makes you feel more comfortable, however this is only for shoots outside studio bookings. Studio shoots tend to have a maximum capacity on set, so depending on how large the team is will depend on whether or not you are able to have extras with you on the day.

Are payment expected all at once?

Your payment is split into two instalments; the first payment is a non-refundable deposit (also known as a booking fee), your second and outstanding balance is due to be paid on the date outlined on your document overview. This is so that it is easier for you to manage your payments!

How quickly will I receive my photographs and can I get extras?

Usually you will receive a preview of your Photographs anywhere between 1-4 days after the shoot, and the final set within a 7-14 days from your shoot. If it is during peak times, it could be longer, however I will keep in good communication with you through the post production stage on how quickly you will receive them. I will keep you informed as much as I can, usually on the day of shooting I am able to give a rough estimation on when they will be with you. Extra files outside of your package are £20 per edited and £25 unedited. Or you can purchase your whole unedited gallery for £150. You will receive these photographs via wetransfer as a digital download.

Can I post your Photographs online?

Yes! In fact, I encourage you to post these everywhere you can! However, if you have been asked by a third party for it to be published on anything other than your own social media accounts, please inform me first to avoid my photographs being used for commercial use outside of my knowledge (publications with no credit to me at all!)

How would you describe your photography style?

Everytime I get asked this, I get excited! My style is quite sharp, sexy, colourful and eccentric, however it changes from time to time as I still discover and learn new techniques! The software I use to edit allows me to manipulate colour hues and saturations, what you see on set will never be the same as what you see after post production (unless you want a natural shoot) I love to experiment!

I need to change the date of my shoot booking, is there a fee?

Yes. If you have booked a shoot and it needs to be moved, a £10 adjustment fee will be added to your invoice and is expected to be paid with the final payment.

I want to cancel my shoot, can I get my deposit refunded?

No. All deposits and booking fees are non-refundable, as stated on your overview document and contract.