Fashion and Commercial Work

A collection of my favourite Fashion and Commercial Photoshoots



Charmeuse Compliments

This shoot was inspired by the subtlety of Silky fabrics displayed in a Gucci shoot seen on Pinterest. During research, I learned that Charmeuse is a French word meaning ‘female charmer’, and is also the name of the fabric draped behind my Model. The name “Charmeuse Compliments” is a play on words, stemming from the the Green and Pink tones, which are in fact opposites on the colour wheel. This allows the two colours to compliment and pair together well, creating an aesthetically pleasing look, and enhancing the beautiful imagery you see before you.

Creative Direction: @nameisnic0le
Model: @briareneeee @onyxagencypr
Stylist: @jashelnelson
Makeup Artist: @makeupbylabelle_


More Issues Than Vogue

One of my favourite projects to create with the amazing Shontellia, we merged sexy with classy on this glamorous production inspired by old school fashion icons and magazine issues. 

Model/Stylist: @Shontellia

Makeup/Hair Stylist: @Sheer_Glow



Kate Galliano Active Wear

Our first international E-commerce shoot with Australian activewear brand Kate Galliano. This gallery consists of E-commerce and Campaign shots showcasing a collection of Soft tone active wear for women.

Models: @patriceeleanaa @salma.naranx @_jadadasilva @briareneeee @m_mutesi

Agency: @OnyxAgencypr



This shoot was used to experiment with Foil and how light is reflected off of it. The female models outfit was handmade by herself, inspired by an outfit worn by Beyonce in a live performance. The males outfit was styled by myself to compliment hers. 

Styling & photography: @nameisnic0le
Models: @bazzilionaire @saintlxke
MuA: @evannealarnah
Set design: @minacreative



Not Another Studio Shoot

Put together in a week, with no budget just vibes. Inspired by London Fashion Week, Autumn fashion, @yossyakinsanya and my urge to be booked for more fashion shoots OUTSIDE of an inside location, here’s my first Parosaroid Campaign of 2020.

Models: @7abarek @rae.jpg @shahvenchy @harvsbenjamin @sophiecastillo3 @ara_ldn @shanrosanna



Teed Out London

E-commerce shooting for a T-shirt brand using one light to create more dramatic shadows.

Brand: @teedout_ @des_reen @james.chuka
Models: @dejibest @kmark.offical @chloeletitiaa



Enchanted Angels

This Fashion Editorial shoot was inspired by the texture of Feathers. Modelled by Dominic Craig and styled by the incredible Editorial Director and Stylist Deniro, we worked closely to create this concept as part of my series for my Final Project based on Fabrics and Textures. He handmade the face piece using feathers, to add to the texture of the trees. The white suite was partnered with a pair of luxurious White Boots; this simplistic and elegant approach with the styling contrasts beautifully with the darkness engulfed by the forest. My editing and tonal adjustments helps to bring a sense of subtleness and softness to what could of been a cold, eerie vibe due to the location which we chose to shoot at.

Stylist & Creative Direction: @dxniro
Creative Direction: @nameisnic0le 

Model: @dominiccraig_
Photography Assistance: @mishpx



Neezie London

After discussing what the brands goal was in terms of imagery, I came up with a mood board of poses which I thought would showcase the brands products effortlessly, yet effectively. This gallery is made up of indoor and outdoor photography.

Brand: @neezieofficial
Models: @riyarossell_ @saintlxke @jelani.i @bazzilionaire



Designs by Amelia Mapp

Handmade and delicate women's underwear created by Amelia Mapp for a university project. Modelled by herself, we chose to go with a subtle Nude toned colorama to compliment her skin tone and make the white designs the star of the show.



Nsnatched Nude Shapewear Collection

This gallery is a collection of the Nsnatched Campaign photoshoot for their 2020 Nude Shape wear collection.

Models: @kaylamaefernandes @__tankxm 
Makeup Artist: @milmadeuk



Havow London

This specific E-commerce gallery features designs by Havow London. I used lighting gels to create this futuristic and complimentary lighting to create a more dramatic and intense atmosphere.

Model : @chloeetiwo_ 

Stylist : @ddn.x



Faces London

An E-commerce photoshoot for the official and first launch of Faces London by Nella Rose. Modelled by a few of her closest friends, the photographs from this shoot were used for her campaign following the launch of the sold out collection.