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Spotlight view

Roid put the spotlight on 2 Photographers and 1 Fashion Creative, sharing with you amazing visuals created and displayed by all.


1. Shazney Maligisa

Shazney Maligisa, best known as Shontellia, is a Fashion Model, Muse, Stylist and Designer from London. Her style across all roles is a mix between sexy, glamorous, mysterious and classy, and consists of a Black, Brown and Earthy toned aesthetics.

Starting from young by uploading regular content consisting of stylish outfits and flawless makeup on her instagram page, she has built up an incredible portfolio. She soon began to share her fashion illustrations and designs with her following, who soon learnt just how multi-talented she is, and that there is more to her than what meets the eye.

Shontellia for ROID. Photographed by Nicole Parkes @nameisnic0le

2. Jatara Gray

Jatara Gray is a freelance photographer, as well as an entrepreneur. Her photography inspirations stem from everywhere and anywhere; people, places and things. Jatara creates the concepts and directs each of her visions.

Check out her photography below:

3. Chiyana Ankhrah

Chiyana Ankhrah specialises in conceptual and editorial portraiture. Her work focuses on destabilising and challenging Eurocentric beauty standards by using Black and POC models that do not have the 'traditional' features, which would otherwise be accepted by the Western gaze. This specific piece which was inspired by London street fashion and was meant to be a fairly simple shoot, includes her ethos, which is why she selected these two models. "By using models with non-white features I am able to create work that familiarises the Western gaze with faces that aren't typically seen in magazines".

Photography by Chiyana Ankhrah. Model credits: Attiya Sjofjan and Sade Clarkson

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