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The Birth of New Creatives

We spoke to Jashel Nelson, Stylist and Creative Director from London about her new hobbies which she discovered during Lockdown 2020.

Jashel Nelson poses in a White Pleated skirt paired with an orange racer styled bodysuit and Nike Sneakers.

Jashel Nelson is a 21 year old Stylist from London. She got into styling during the worldwide lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19, a time where many people across the world, discovered a new found interest in creative hobbies. It all began when she started putting together and posting her daily outfits on instagram, and it became a hobby from there. "I guess it directed me to wanting to style other people. And also not just styling, but looking at lighting and creating creative concepts. I worked with my brother on his new book. He made like a whole video concept, an advert. And we did the creative concept for it and filmed it. So I guess I got into it as well because of him".

Currently studying a degree in Neuroscience, she realised her interest in fashion and styling during her second year in university. "I thought it would be cool to eventually work in the fashion industry, working with other creatives and stuff like that, because it's just nice when you finish a project and you see the outcome of it. Even if it was just small details, it really interests me".

Styled by Jashel Nelson, Model Bria Renee, Makeup Artist: Labelle London, Photographed by Nicole Parkes

Lockdown birthed so many content creators who are now thriving with their careers both on and offline. In a time where we could not socialise in person, it finally gave people the chance to to get to know themselves on a creative level. To exercise their own creativity, and to push their work through the use of social media platforms such as instagram and Tiktok. We developed upon new interests, new ways to stimulate our minds and keep us distracted from the reality we were living. We were all able to touch into our creative side, because we never had the time to do it before. "A lot of people have had an epiphany, and they're like, Oh, my God, i don’t want to work a 9-5 anymore? I'll do this instead. It's fun being on set and doing projects with people you get on with and actually come up with a concept that you're really proud of" she states.

Fun fact: Jashel also learnt how to use softwares such as Premiere Pro, and Photoshop during her time in lockdown.

Jashel describes her Fashion Style as colourful and playful, as she liked to experiment with wearing bright colours, sneakers and tailored fits. She is not opposed to wearing monochrome outfits, and is still currently in an experimental phase in terms of finding out what she does and does not like. "I think I'm still kind of realising how I want to dress myself and others in general. I have a mix at the moment. But I would say it depends on what we've put together, or what concepts are put together. Colourful and girly, unless, the concept that I'm doing is the opposite".

I do think there's a time and a place and they can look nice on people but it depends on the person. So I'm not completely opposed

Styled by Jashel Nelson, Photographed by Nicole Parkes

As much as she loves fashion, there are trends which she would rather not be involved in, such as 'super tight jeans' on both guys and girls. "I do think there's a time and a place and they can look nice on people but it depends on the person. So I'm not completely opposed". On the other hand, a few trends that she does enjoy at the moment is tailored outfits. "I'm in love with tailoring. I just find it hard to get the perfect pair of trousers but I love tailored trousers. You can dress them up or down or wear heels, or sneakers. You can wear them with a crop top in the summer" She also mentions that she enjoys an oversized blazer and the current Mesh trend as well. "I’m loving it at the moment, everyone’s like 'oh but it’s see through' and I say, yeah...that’s the whole point!".

We asked Jashel which trends she would shop, and which ones she'd drop.

  1. Split toe shoes (DROP)

  2. Wide Leg Pants (SHOP)

  3. Oversized Blazers (SHOP)

  4. Flares (SHOP)

  5. Crocs (DROP)

  6. Transparent bags (SHOP)

You can check out more from Jashel Nelson via @JashelNelson on Instagram

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